Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed – Comprehensive Guide

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Domino’s offers two distinct pizza styles that cater to different preferences: the Brooklyn Style and the Hand Tossed.

The Brooklyn Style pizza draws inspiration from classic New York pizzas with its thin, crispy crust and larger slice size, available mainly in large and extra-large sizes.

differences between Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed

In contrast, the Hand Tossed pizza features a softer, thicker crust enriched with more cheese, available in a variety of sizes to suit different groups and occasions.

What is Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza? 

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza resembles New York-style pizza. Its thin, crunchy crust is thicker and foldable than Domino’s pizzas, making it excellent for crunchier bites.

This Domino’s pizza is hand-stretched and has less cheese but is lavishly sprinkled with pepperoni, giving it a unique taste and texture.

What is Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza?

What is hand-tossed pizza? 

Hand-tossed pizza has a thin middle and thicker edges because the dough is stretched in the air. Pizza with a crispy crust and chewy interior is light with this method.

The dough must be soft and elastic to shape without tearing. Tossing uniformly distributes yeast gases, giving the crust texture.

Hand tossed Pizza

Hand-tossed vs. Brooklyn Pizza Preparation

Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is crafted for a thinner, crisper crust by using less dough, stretching it wider, and adding cornmeal for crunch. It features more pepperoni and less cheese, contrasting with the hand-tossed variety.

The dough is thicker and less crispy for hand-tossed pizza, tossed in the air to form. It primarily boasts cheese and garlic toppings, offering a different texture and flavor profile from the Brooklyn style.

Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed Pizza Sizes 

The Brooklyn Style pizza is available only in large (14 inches) and extra-large (16 inches) sizes and is typically cut into six larger slices, ideal for those who enjoy a more substantial, foldable slice.

In contrast, the Hand Tossed pizza provides a greater variety of sizes, including small (10 inches), medium (12 inches), and large (14 inches), and is divided into eight slices, making it suitable for sharing among larger groups. This size variety in hand-tossed pizzas accommodates a broader range of appetites and occasions.

Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed pizza Prices 

SizesHand tossed Pizza PriceBrooklyn Style pizza Price
Extra Largeunavailable$12.99

Domino’s Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed Pizza Toppings 

The toppings on Domino’s Brooklyn style and hand-tossed pizza differ, as we have previously explored.

toppings of brooklyn style pizza and hand tossed

Therefore, pepperoni is the topping of the Brooklyn style.Additionally, cheese and garlic are the toppings of the hand-tossed pizza.

However, it should be mentioned that for a small additional fee, you can select the toppings based on your taste and preferences.

Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed Pizza Taste

Although Domino’s Brooklyn and Hand Tossed pizzas have delicious flavours, their toppings and crust types appeal to distinct palates.

The Brooklyn style is perfect for people who want a crispier texture without a high cheese load because it has a thin, crunchy crust that is topped predominantly with pepperoni and less cheese.

On the other hand, people who enjoy a rich flavour combination and a chewier bite will find the Hand Tossed pizza to be more appealing due to its softer, thicker crust and generous topping of cheese and garlic.

Which is Healthier? Brooklyn Style Pizza or Hand Tossed Pizza

In terms of health, Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is generally considered a healthier option compared to the Hand Tossed variety. This is primarily because the Brooklyn-style pizza uses less dough, which results in lower levels of sodium, gluten, and starch.

Additionally, it contains less cheese, reducing its fat and cholesterol content. This makes the Brooklyn-style pizza a relatively better choice for those seeking a lighter, less calorie-dense option.

Similarities Between Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed

Apart from the differences that we are going to discuss in the next section, both of these counterparts share a handful of similarities as well, so let’s shed some light on them. 

similarities  between brooklyn style pizza and hand tossed pizza
  • When it comes to the making or preparation, then both of these rivals are made by hand. This mutual attribute of both types of pizza makes it worth loving and trying. 
  • Another similarity is that the pan used in the making of both pizzas is shallow rather than the deep pans. Moreover, a lot of people usually wonder what the reason behind the crispiness is, so one of the factors is that an aluminum pan is used that conduct heat.
  • In addition to that, the best common thing in both of these pizzas that every pizza lover desires is the delicious taste.

So, either you order a Brooklyn style or hand tossed, you will surely love eating it but, depending upon your preference, you may prefer one over the other. 


Finally, your crust option determines Domino’s Brooklyn Style or Hand Tossed pizza. Brooklyn Style pizza has a thin, crispy crust like New York-style pizza, making it ideal for lighter, crunchier bites. For a more classic, meaty texture, Hand Tossed pizza has a thicker, chewier crust with cheese. Both methods satisfy varied tastes, making pizza fun for everyone.

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