Big Horn Pizza Oven – Pellet, Gas & Outdoor Pizza Oven

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The Big Horn Pizza Oven is similar to a compact, portable outdoor oven for creating delicious pizzas in your backyard. It’s simple to store because its legs fold up and it’s not overly heavy. For authentic pizza flavor, use wood pellets for cooking or propane for ease of usage.

It heats up quickly, which is ideal for quickly creating crispy pizza. It’s also useful for cooking other dishes. It’s ideal for family dinners and pizza parties because it’s easy to use and clean.

It is a little small, though, so large gatherings might not be ideal. This could be a fantastic option if you’re looking for an easy and reasonably priced solution to make your pizzas outside.

big horn oven

So, here we will elaborate on the Pizza oven, so let’s begin with features. 

Features of the Big Horn Pizza Oven

  1. Portability: At just 25 pounds, the Big Horn Outdoor Pizza Oven is a lightweight appliance. It’s easy to take with you anywhere you want to cook pizza because it features detachable chimney and collapsible legs.
  2. Control & Consistency: This oven provides steady heat, which is excellent for pizza-making novices. Keep in mind that it employs fast-burning wood pellets, which may take some getting used to. For quicker results, cook over high heat; for a slower bake, reduce the temperature.
  3. Cleaning: The oven’s functionality depends on its being kept clean and maintained. To prevent problems, clean the fire tray, grill, and ashtray regularly. For your protection, keep an eye out for jagged edges.
  4. Usage: While there’s a learning curve, with practice (and maybe some online tutorials), you can master the use of this oven.
  5. Cooking Time: Preheat the oven for about 18 minutes. Once it’s ready, your pizza can cook in about 90 sec.
  6. Assembly: The oven is easy to put together and includes parts like the fire tray, grill, ashtray, chimney, door, and a pizza stone.
  7. Fuel: This particular model uses wood pellets for fuel, adding a smoky flavor to your pizzas.

Big Horn Oven Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Foldable legs
  • Has a chimney


  • Build quality is not top-notch
  • Unavailability of premium features
  • Imbalance heat flow
  • A pizza peel is not; provided

Tips for Cooking Pizza on the Big Horn Pizza Oven 

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for Pizza oven.

  1. Cleaning: Always start with a clean oven by removing any leftovers or debris.
  2. Preparation: Get everything ready before you start making your pizza, including having enough wood pellets nearby.
  3. Chimney and Door: Remove the chimney cover and the oven door when adding wood pellets.
  4. Wood Pellets: Add wood pellets gradually, not all at once, to maintain the right temperature.
  5. Heating Up: After each pizza, add more pellets to keep the oven hot for the next batch.


What is Big Horn Outdoors Pizza Oven?

The Big Horn Outdoors Pizza Oven is great for outdoor pizza cooking. It cooks pizzas quickly in 90 seconds and is easy to carry around, making it perfect for parties, camping, or tailgating. You can also cook other foods like meat and vegetables in it. It’s simple to set up and uses wood pellets for a smoky taste​.

big horn pizza outdoors

Big Horn Pellet Pizza Oven

The Big Horn Pellet Pizza Oven is a good, affordable choice for making pizza at home. It’s light, easy to put together, and portable because of its foldable legs. You can cook pizzas with a wood-fired taste because it uses wood pellets. But it’s small and might not suit big groups. Also, you might need to add wood pellets often if you cook a lot. This oven is great for people who like pizza and want a simple, budget-friendly option.

Big Horn Gas Pizza Oven

The Big Horn Gas Pizza Oven is an easy-to-use outdoor oven for making pizza. It is made of strong materials to last a long time. You can put it together and take it apart easily for cleaning or taking it places. It gets hot fast, so you can make tasty pizzas quickly when you’re outside, like during a picnic or a party in your yard​.

Big Horn vs Ooni Fry Oven

Big Horn and Ooni Fry are the two big names in the world of pizza ovens. So, here we will draw a brief comparison of both pizza ovens, so let’s dig into it.

big horn vs ooni fry

Design and Efficiency: Ooni is praised for its superior design, quick heating up in about 15 minutes, and better temperature management. Big Horn can still make tasty pizzas but might need more work to keep up and could be less efficient.

Temperature and Heat Keeping: Ooni can hit high temperatures perfect for specific pizza styles and keeps heat well. Big Horn gets hot too but may take longer to warm up and may not keep heat as well.

Size and Cooking Space: Ooni offers various sizes for different pizza sizes, while Big Horn also has large options but is heavier and less easy to move around.

Moving and Storing: Ooni is easier to carry and store thanks to its lightweight design. Big Horn is bulkier and needs more space.

Cost and Worth: Ooni ranges between $300 to $900 with diverse features. Big Horn is less pricey, good for those on a budget but may lack some features or performance levels.

Customer Feedback: People like Ooni for its quick cooking and easy moving. Big Horn is valued for its roomy cooking space and ability to cook various dishes, though some find it hard to control the heat.

Which one should you go for? Ooni Fry vs Big Horn

If you want fast, portable, and top-notch, go for Ooni, great for specific pizzas. On a budget and need to cook more at once? Big Horn’s your pick. Ultimately, your choice should match your needs and wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we only cook the pizza using this oven?

You may be concerned about what else you can cook by utilizing this oven; the simple answer to your question is that you can cook various types of food, including chicken, steak, vegetables, etc.

How hot does a Big Horn Pizza Oven get?

The temperature of this pizza oven may reach 860- 900 Fahrenheit.

How long does it take for a Big Horn Pizza Oven to get heated up?

It takes 15-20 minutes for a pizza oven to heat up.

How to use Big Horn Pizza oven?

When it comes to usage, it is not that difficult, but if you are a beginner with zero experience, then it can be challenging. To use it, you need to first prepare the pizza.

Preheat the oven for at least 15-20 minutes. Place the pizza on the peel. You need to flip the pizza every 5 seconds to ensure it is not burnt.

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